The LINC 100 club is a private lottery open to all LINC staff, supporters and friends.  Anyone over 16 or over can join.

There will be a draw for 50% of the fund.  This amount is divided between 3 lucky winners.

The fund is made up as follows:

Each member buys a £3 number per month so with 100 members the monthly fund will be £300. 50% will be used to split the prize money into three prizes… 1st prize: £75, 2nd prize: £50, 3rd prize: £25.

Payment can be by monthly standing order or in advance a payment of £36 for the year. As soon as the first 100 people sign up, we will be ready to play and if more than 100 take part, the prize money will increase.

For more information, please email the team

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