Sky TV picThe end of our financial year gives me the opportunity to look back and see what LINC has achieved during the past twelve months.

During this period LINC has made financial grants to ten people and their families. Most help is needed with rent, travel expenses or food. We do try to ensure that patients still have a home to go to when they leave hospital.

A second clinical psychologist has now been appointed and she will work 3 days a week for LINC commencing in the autumn. With Nicky’s 2 days that means we will then have the equivalent of a full time post.

The majority of our patients are immunocompromised and the infection control team have advised that we can no longer use fans with blades – LINC has therefore bought several bladeless Dyson fans for the LINC Edward Jenner Unit in Gloucester and for the LINC outpatient department in Cheltenham.

Last year, during a Trustees visit to Rendcomb Ward, several patients enquired if LINC could provide Sky TV. The days can seem very long when you are stuck in a small room 24hours a day, 7 days a week and for anything up to 6 months. The initial enquiry was far too expensive so I wrote to the CEO of Sky and to my absolute delight, a team from Sky visited the ward and agreed to sponsor us. Just before Christmas 2014 nine sky boxes were installed  – one in each of the side rooms and one in the day room. The patients said it was the best Christmas present they could have had!. It is not free but the rent we pay is now affordable and we have had some lovely donations towards this cost.

We continue to provide a welcome toiletry bag for new patients – amongst other things this contains a toothbrush and toothpaste, a comb, soap and tissues. Some patients are admitted as an emergency or straight from work and a toiletry bag is the last thing on their mind. This provides the necessities for the first few days.

LINC has introduced reflexology to the ward and we are indebted to Mandy Owen who gives up her time one afternoon a week to administer reflexology to the patients, and staff, on Rendcomb Ward side rooms. This has been welcomed by the patients who find it very beneficial – especially the men!

I never cease to be amazed at people’s generosity and support. The work we do is vital for our haematology patients and staff. LINC now has several financial commitments such as funding the clinical psychologists, the Robert Dalton research student and Sky TV. We could not do any of this without the help that we receive. Thank you all so much.

Dr Gill Rouse, LINC Director

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