Senior Charge Nurse Nick Simmonds and Karen Organ

The focus of LINC’s fundraising has been with Rendcomb Siderooms at Cheltenham General Hospital.

Many of you will be aware that our patients can spend long periods of time in isolation in a single bed room, so that the risk of picking up infection is lessened.

Once admitted, to try and make their stay as comfortable as possible, LINC has equipped the rooms to have a few home comforts. These items can give contact with the outside world and help the hours pass, as well as making the time spent in their rooms more comfortable.

In the past we have provided each room with flat screen televisions, DVD players, fridges, exercise bikes, as well as many other items.  Recently we have been delighted to have received support from Gloucester and Gloucester Severn Rotary Clubs who have helped to supply patients with welcome bags.  We now have stocks for around a year that will make a big difference to patients that are admitted and do not have time to collect essentials.

LINC has also managed to finance two sofa beds for the family room on the ward.  When relatives wish to stay overnight, they now have a comfortable bed that will enable them to get a little sleep.

Your donations have made a big difference.

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