stephanie parachuteCome celebrate and jump out of a plane for LINC.

As part of her 50th birthday celebrations, Karen Organ is joining the LINC team parachute jumpers on Saturday 18th April 2015 in an exhilarating 10,000 feet freefall parachute jump!

“Scared is not the word I would use, completely terrified would be a better choice of word.  But I know it’s a small moment that will end in achieving an amazing goal and hopefully lots of sponsorship too.

It’s just my way of doing something that is a real personal challenge and being mindful of that fact I have a choice to jump, because in comparison to the LINC patients when they receive their intensive chemotherapy, they have no real choice about being terrified at times.

So jumping out of a plane with a man strapped to my back is going to be a walk in the park….. I hope!”

Why don’t you come and join Karen and Sally jumping for LINC!
It’s only £395 sponsorship and it promises to be a memorable day.

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